Polycare project


POLYCARE is a three-year H2020 European project running from January 2016 to December 2018, and has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement Nº 690367. The project proposal was submitted to the PHC-25 Advanced ICT system and services for integrated care topic.

The POLYCARE project aims to develop and test an integrated care model, patient-centred, supported by the use of advanced ICT systems and services that allows the monitoring and care of older chronic patients in acute phases at home. In doing so, two main objectives may be achieved:

Better conditions of life and care for patients as well as sustainability improvement for health and social care systems.

The Polycare main
objectives are:


Provide to chronic patients an integrated care system to achieve a real and high quality home hospitalization


Empower the self-health management of these patients using customisable apps.


Get a non-intrusive monitoring system getting continuously info about its vital signals.


Increase the collaboration between patients and the medical and social caregivers.


Reduce technical barriers training the professionals to use the new ICT solutions.


Ensure data protection and privacy issues.


Get more and more accurate data and develop a decision support tool to better understand and get recommendations to the patients.


Provide a better medication prescription.


Definition of a new methodology for home hospitalization (patients - clinical - social caregivers)


Reduce the stay of chronic patients in hospitals and consequently the related costs

Excepted results

Reduction of bed days for emergency admissions & Significant reduction of medical expenses.

We will create a collaborative evironment allowing to share information in a coordinated way about the state of the patient among the different stakeholders.

We will integrate a decision support system (DSS) analysing all the info and providing predictive recommendations about medicine and doses fort the patient, supporting medical professionals decisions.

We will monitor the patient evolution using wereables in a transparent and automatic way.

We will protect the privacy and security of the collected and transmitted information.

We will develop personalized apps for the patients.