July 02, 2018

Great profitable time during POLYCARE F2F meeting in Bonn!!

During the past week, the POLYCARE team organized in Bonn the half-yearly Face2Face meeting. The UK Bonn team welcomed the whole POLYCARE team in the universitätklinikum Bonn facilities during two days in which POLYCARE partners discussed on the several topics around the project progress. This time, and facing the last 6 months of the project, discussions were focused on the pilots and the preparation for gathering the indicators for the local and global evaluations. We had also the chance to keep moving with Santélys, which joined the consortium early this year in the preparation of the pilot set up so that they are able to start as soon as possible. In addition, It was also taken the steps towards the finalization of the business, exploitation models and IPR discussion on POLYCARE outcomes. POLYCARE consortium is excited with the work planned for the 6 months of work looking forward to impact integrated care community with the outcomes and results of the project. Stay Tuned!

December 11, 2018

POLYCARE presented during InfoDay on Health financing opportunities facing the last stage of H2020.