January 19, 2018

Meeting for the development of the POLYCARE ICT platform and intellectual property agreements among partners

During the past 10th and 11th of January the POLYCARE team met face to face in order to progress with the different on-going WP tasks. It was a very fruitful meeting full of discussions being the focus the refinement of the POLYCARE ICT platform and the IPR agreements among partners in the context of the POLYCARE exploitation activities.

April 15, 2018

New e-health solution helps people to live independent lives

April 12, 2018

The emergence of personalised e-health care

April 05, 2018

An mHealth App Beats The Physical Exam For Accuracy in One Study

April 05, 2018

eHealth and mHealth in prostate cancer detection and active surveillance

April 04, 2018

Is Digital Health The Future Of Healthcare?