Project impact


POLYCARE has been conceived as new integrated care model supported by ICT for contributing to redefine and relieve the assistance model. As this initiative is addressed to elderly people, it is extremely important to adapt technical solutions to the end-user. This optimizes the solutions for adoption and enables them to assist in patient quality of life improvements. Simultaneously, this methodology will strengthen the relationships between elderly and their formal and informal caregivers.

POLYCARE may also open new business models for MNCs and SMEs focused on deploying technical components across Europe. Finally, the project could assist private care organizations to operate more efficient and provide higher quality care.

The following KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) indicate the progress of the main project objectives by measuring the expected impact of the work program.

Expected impact by the
Work Program & Indicators

Improveement in end-user satisfaction with regards to quality of life through reduced number of admissions and days spend in care institutions.


Strengthened evidence base on health outcomes, quality of life and care efficiency through the applying ICT for ntegrated care.

savings of displacement

Improved cooperation and secure information exchange
among the actors involved in health, social and informal care services

Satisfaction regarding cooperation between participants

Level 3/5

Medical patient information sharing between involved institutions

Level 3/5

Improved usability and adaptability of ICT systems for integrated care, taking
into account the complex relationship between digital technologies and their application in a social
and human context.

(Formal and informal)

Reinforced medical knowledge with respect to management of co-morbidities.

Average of health parameters monitored per patient in a continuous way or with a diary frequency

Inputs from the polycare systems to the patient ehr (electronic health record)