The initial situation

Polycare project will be tested and evaluated at three different pilot sites. Every site is an unique environment both from organizational and technological perspective. The underlying welfare models also differ significantly. Currently there is a clear distinction regarding the range of services and the way these are delivered towards the end-user. In the context of integrated care, ICT supported home hospitalization on these three sites will result in Polycare covering a wide range of different situations making it applicable in multiple health environments.



The Aragón (Spain)
site has been working on a sustainable integrated care business model for 6 years now. There is a strong technological background and well established infrastructure. However in Aragón, home hospitalization is a new concept for which there is growing interest  across the entire Aragonese region.

Cologne Bonn


The Bonn (Germany)
site consists of a wide range of health and social services. However, currently there is a lack of integration between those services. The degree of technological development is high but separation between systems hinders the progress to more integrated care models. Currently home hospitalization is not available within the region where the project is going to be deployed.

Region de Lille


The Lille (France)
site major aim is the demonstration of the general functionality and the integration of the developed ICT solutions into the French existing HAH organisation (interactions between the different stakeholders (HAH, hospital, GP, salaried and liberal nurses, care and social assistant, patient and his/her entourage). The objectives are to improve the quality of health care and the quality of life of patients and relatives and to improve the patient’ empowerment in the disease management.